Help Fund the New Adam’s Camp 2.0 Trail Project! 

Work is already underway on what we are calling Adam‘s Camp 2.0!

Stowe Trails Partnership, in partnership with Trapp Family Lodge, has already begun building these new trails. They are in the beginning stages of construction and will be divided into two phases over two years.

Phase 1 will be completed in 2018 and is a singletrack, bi-directional link between the Haul Road and the top of Kimmer’s. Phase 2 will be finished in 2019 and will complete this bi-directional trail, between Hardy’s Haul and Kimmer’s, eliminating 1.7 miles of brutal haul road double track. The new trail will be considered a moderate to advanced level trail, incorporating as much of the natural features as possible into the design. 

In addition, another trail that links the Double Bypass trail to the start of the Stowe Recreation Path will also be completed in the spring of 2019. Combined, these new trails mark the start of a phased approach to connect all our trail networks in Stowe.

Please donate today and help Stowe Trails Partnership bring this exciting new trail resource to the town of Stowe in 2019!